Innovation has been an important keyword in the industry for many decades.

Industries strive to innovate in their own area of business, and products or offerings. Very often, it is observed that smaller and leaner teams are behind successful innovative products and services.

Maybe the problems themselves are different now, than what it was 10 or 20 years back. Sometimes businesses just need to take a different perspective on the problem, or just change the viewpoint. I still remember the sequence in a famous film Dead Poets Society (1989) where the teacher asks students to stand up on the teacher's desk and look at the class from a different perspective.

There are many popular tools and techniques of lateral thinking those could come in handy if your intent is to create something new.

I love a role of an Innovation enabler while working with diverse teams of enthusiastic professionals. With few of my favorite lateral thinking tools and Design methodologies, I love experimenting with techniques of innovation.

  1. Lateral Thinking tools
  2. Innovation tools
  3. Design methodologies

I love conducting hands-on workshops with professionals from a variety of fields who are focused on solving some real problem