Live Local-Support Local (Post Corona Mantra ?)

Apr - 12

Live Local-Support Local (Post Corona Mantra ?)

World war 2 changed the world to a great extent. Changes in almost everything; Industry, Politics, Health & Wellness.

Corona pandemic is a much bigger and far-reaching effect on mankind and the whole world.

It will anyways take like 12 to 18 months for developing Vaccine for Corona. At least till then, the whole world will change either temporarily or sometimes even forever.

Here is an attempt to think about how the world would change. After the Corona pandemic is over, the world would have changed for sure.

The far-reaching effects on mankind will be on three main ways

1)   Health and wellness

2)   Economic depression or status

3)   Human beliefs, either religious or Political

The amount of effect industrialization had on human life, was magnified in the last few years, and today the world has started living up to the phrase ‘The Global Village.’

Global citizens, living off the suitcase, Globe trotter, are the many of the phrases that explain the world in the shortest possible way as on now. Most large corporations often have been adopting multi-national operations to maximize their profits.

A perfumes manufacturing company formulating their basic essence in France, Glass bottles are designed and made in another country, the plastic parts made in one developing country, packaging made in another one and assembled in labor cheap country, and finally selling to either USA or other developed country and so on. Just imagine the amount of cargo traveling in my slightly exaggerated example above.

It was all possible till about last month. Right?

The Post-Corona world would definitely be quite different. Companies and countries might be forced to ‘Think and Operate Local’ and that makes a lot of sense. Reduce dependencies on factors outside your (countries) control will be the mantra for most enterprises. Japan and the USA have already started at least de-centralizing some heavy dependencies on China.

Imagine a world of enterprise, where, instead of Multi-National-Corporations operating on gigantic scales, we have several smaller and importantly ‘Local’ enterprises designing and building products for the ‘Local Market.’

It’s not very difficult to imagine the ‘Local.’ Local means depend on things locally grown, made and consumed.

For a country like India, it is utmost importance to practice the power of ‘Local’ We have all possible natural resources, minerals, metals, water and so on. Being the youngest country, we have an abundant supply of manpower. And finally, we can produce goods for ‘avast ‘local’ market. We have it all.

The world will have to embrace the ‘Mantra of Consume Local’ post Coronavirus pandemic.

1)   Eat Local: Do we really need to import food? Is it possible to source all the food from nearby vicinity, reducing vast transport needs and at the cost of eating stale food? This is true for all perishable farm produce, food, flowers, and dairy products, meat and so on. Try and source food that is locally grown. Even while dining out, select restaurants run by local people, supporting a strong job market.

2)   Use Local Goods: Apart from the perishables, on consumer durables side, try and limit your consumption of ‘Imported’ goods, and depend more on locally engineered and manufactured products.  

3)   Use Local Services: India has a very vast and developed and fairly mature service sector now, let’s resort to buying services from local people rather than people from outside.

Yes, this is not the ‘end of Globalization’ for sure. But overall, people will be forced to adapt to prefer ‘Local’ in the post-Corona world.

Industries will definitely adapt to this new mantra faster than we even think. Cutting edge Technologies will also be super instrumental in this change for better than worse.