is Android 1 the 1 for India ?

Sep - 16

is Android 1 the 1 for India ?

Android One Google’s new initiative to promote Android smartphones in India.

Most of the Indians today, want to update themselves to latest available technology. Having the JUGAAD philosophy, inbuilt in their DNA will Indians take the advantage of the Android 1 to improve the way they live and work?

I have met many people from varied socioeconomic backgrounds who are good at ‘Making use of the available technology to improve their life. I still remember Ramsurat (an uneducated) cab driver used ‘regular Mobile phone’ and of course ‘friends circle’ to create an own network and delivered cab service to compete with the likes of radio cabs companies. With a smartphone his pocket he has an opportunity to change the way he works.

Indian youth could possibly explore best ways to ride on this Smart Mobile wave, for their living, and solve daily life problems apart from getting entertained and clicking photographs for fun.

There could be a cascading impact of the smartphone wave on national economy for sure.

  1. Mobile Device manufacturers: Smartphones penetrating through the second, third tier cities and even smaller towns and villages open 10-20 fold large market for smartphone devices.
  2. Mobile network operators: More and more people getting connected to each other and to the internet has its own advantages to the mobile network operators revenue.
  3. Content sellers: Games, apps, multimedia, has been a growing market in India just has a much wider audience now.
  4. High profile Professionals: They are on to the wave anyways for last few years, just think the professionals in the small villages also will benefit now.
  5. E commerce: More people are likely to transact online, buying selling goods might get a boost. Most of the local E commerce companies have already have innovative solutions to attract the bottom of the pyramid. (like cash on delivery)
  6. Students, children: The largest section of our society the young students, well; would surely find the closeness to technology much more appealing. They will make the most
  7. On the ground skilled, blue collared professionals I think could benefit the most: Just think of the super efficient and know all on the ground hands on people who fix things for you, do the installations, AC, Dish TV, electronic gadget service men. These are highly efficient and motivated set of individuals who probably missed the education bus, but are practically on the ground with (mostly self learned) skills and confidence, these are the smart guys who will make the most of the mobile wave for sure. I am sure they will smartly make use of the new device for their business growth.
  8. Boon for the Services providers on the mobile devices: A huge market has just started opening up for the online education, tutorials, coaching, and likes will flourish. Online CAB booking, travel booking, matrimonial, and other specialized services will make use of the technology for sure. My Insurance adviser already has automated premium reminders using what’s app, email. New business models will come up in this segment.

category 6 to 8 are the real beneficiary of this part of the technology wave for sure,  Category 1 to 5 will anyways take the advantage of the wave.